Blue Ribbon Farm

Congratulations!! Camp Penuel Costa Rica is a Certified Blue Banner Farm

Blue Banner FarmWhat does this mean? The Blue Banner Ecology Program in Costa Rica was founded to improve education and information about the environment. It is a certification program granted every year to those communities, farms, and beaches that score at least 90% for all requirements-appropriate use of water, land, fuel and energy; minimizing herbicides/pesticides; preserving water sources; and educating others. The goal of CPCR is to be 100% organically certified over the next 5 years. An award will be given to the Camp in June!! Stay tuned.

Blue Ribbon FarmWe have been working with the Costa Rican Ministry of Agriculture to receive a Blue Banner for Environmental Preservation. This is an award given to organizations that comply in 7 areas of conservation –

  1. appropriate use of water,
  2. appropriate use of land,
  3. appropriate use of fuels,
  4. minimal consumption of energy - solar project
  5. reduction of herbicides and pesticides,
  6. preservation of water sources and
  7. education of others in these practices

Our camp is taking leadership in these areas of conservation. The camp owns nearly 70 acres and strives to care for them as the Lord wants.

A small dairy farm is operated on part of those acres. There are currently 16 dairy cattle that provide milk and cheese for the campers and staff. Extra cheese is sold at the church to help sustain the farming operation. In addition, moringa trees have been planted, as have mango, avocado, orange, lemon and other fruit trees, all of which provide fresh fruit for the camp.

Blue Ribbon FarmWe talk to the children and staff about taking only the amount of food that they can eat. All leftovers are composted and the compost is used in our gardens. The farm has many natural springs and we are preserving these water sources. We are in the process of reducing all herbicides and pesticides.

We hope to earn the Blue Banner status and become leaders in taking care of God’s creation.