Camp Penuel Costa Rica Leaders

Directors Paul and Thelma Bernhagen

Director Paul Bernhagen with his wife Thelma

Paul and Thelma Bernhagen were appointed Directors of this mission in 2000 by Camp Penuel, Inc. Paul receives advice and support for Camp Penuel from their local congregation, Manantial de Vida, pastored by the Rev. Jorge Luis Soto. Paul receives no salary for his commitment to Camp Penuel Costa Rica.
Thelma has a fulltime position as a social worker with the Costa Rican government, but is instrumental in directing the Camp, along with Paul.
Director Paul Bernhagen with his wife Thelma.
Paul and Thelma

Costa Rica Steering Committee

Costa Rica Steering CommitteePaul initially formed a 7 member volunteer Costa Rican steering committee in December 2000. This dedicated group of volunteers continues to provide leadership and direction for CPCR.
Costa Rican Volunteer Steering Committee.

USA Representatives and Mission Trip Coordinators, Mark and Lois Finney

Mark and LoisWe are Mark and Lois and have been to Camp Penuel Costa numerous times with many teams. We are recently retired (dentist and diabetes educator) with 3 grown children and 7 grandchildren. When we were asked to be the US Representatives/Mission Trip Coordinators for Camp Penuel, we felt the Lord was behind this since we had been feeling the Lord calling us to help bring more children to know the love of Jesus at CPCR.
So, here we are Lord, send us.

USA Advisor Board Representatives, Steve and Luann Pheneger

Steve and LuannWe are Steve and Luann (Paul's sister and brother-in-law) and have been involved in Camp Peneul - Costa Rica, since Paul and Thelma first had the vision for camp in 1999. We have been to Costa Rica many times and have brought several groups there, including our family, to help with camp building projects and serving the children that come during January.
We look forward to supporting the camp so more children can attend and meet Jesus.

Honory USA Representatives, John and Letty Bernhagen

John and LettyWe are John and Letty (Paul's parents) and have been involved in Camp Peneul - Costa Rica, since the very start. We have been to Costa Rica numerous times including vacationing around the lovely country with family and friends, helping with camp building projects, and serving the children at the camps. In fact we built a house there which is now the mission house. We have been involved with camp fundraising, communications including creating and mailing newsletters, and even writing a book about our adventures (Red Sink, Blue Soap), which raises money for campers
We enjoy sharing our adventures and being consultants for the Camp.